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Preview Image of page 1 from the Biomimetic Dentistry White Paper

Why and How: Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Restorative dentistry is scientifically supported and clinically validated. In this Biomimetic Dentistry white paper, we summarize the evolution of the restorative approach, describe how dentists all around the world are implementing the biomimetic approach, and how it has impacted restorative techniques, longevity, and success. The white paper includes: published scientific evidence, advantages and benefits, protocols & techniques, and clinical case presentations.

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Textbook titled Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry by Pascal Magne

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry

Author: Pascal Magne

The first edition of this book took the dental world by storm in 2002 and became one of the bestselling Quintessence books of all time, and this edition will no…

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Bonded Porcelain Restorations In The Anterior Dentition A Biomimetic Approach Book By Pascal Magne and Urs Belser

Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: A Biomimetic Approach

Author: Pascal Magne

This book introduces a unique approach to esthetic restoration of the anterior dentition. Guided by the philosophy of biomimetics, the authors combine sound biologic principles with an overriding respect for…

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Phillips' Dental Materials

Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials

Author: Chiayi Shen, H. Ralph Rawls , Josephine F. Esquivel-Upshaw

Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials, 13th Edition provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the materials used in cosmetic and restorative procedures in dentistry. It introduces the physical and chemical properties that are…

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Keep It Simple Concept Porcelain Book By Paulo Battistella

Keep It Simple: Concept Porcelain Book

Author: Paulo Battistella

In this book, the author expertly describes his techniques for layering restorative materials to more accurately recreate the esthetic qualities found in natural teeth. By separating the enamel layer into…

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Nature's Morphology An Atlas of Tooth Shape and Form Book by Shigeo Kataoka and Yoshimi Nishimura

Nature’s Morphology: An Atlas of Tooth Shape and Form

Author: Shigeo Kataoka & Yoshimi Nishimura & Ivar Andreas Mjor

To attain a natural look in ceramic restorations, the technician must reproduce three critical aspects of a natural tooth: single-tooth morphology, tooth alignment, and natural tooth colour. This book offers…

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Dental Anatomy and Morphology Book by Hilton Riquieri

Dental Anatomy and Morphology

Author: Hilton Riquieri

This beautiful atlas conveys not only the practical knowledge of dental anatomy but also the art of sculpting it in wax. The ideal anatomy of each dental structure is described…

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Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain Starter Pack Books by Betty Edwards

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Starter Kit: The Definitive

Author: Betty Edwards

Translated into more than seventeen languages, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is an international bestseller. This starter kit contains Edwards’s two essential books—Drawing on the Right Side…

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Deep Margin Elevation: A Paradigm Shift article by Pascal Magne and Roberto C. Spreafico

Deep Margin Elevation: A Paradigm Shift

Localized subgingival margins can complicate the use of indirect adhesive restorations (isolation, impression taking, and delivery) and subsequently hinder their durability and relationship with the
periodontal tissues. This article proposes a technique involving placement of a modified Tofflemire matrix followed by immediate dentin sealing and coronal elevation of the deep margin to a supra
gingival position using a direct bonded composite resin base.

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A systematic approach to deep caries removal end points: The peripheral seal concept in adhesive dentistry article by David S. Alleman and Pascal Magne

A systematic approach to deep caries removal end points: The peripheral seal concept in adhesive dentistry

The objective of this article is to present evidence-based protocols for the diagnosis and
treatment of deep caries lesions in vital teeth. These protocols combine caries-detecting dye with anatomical and histologic knowledge to arrive at the ideal caries removal end points for adhesive restorations.

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Matt Nejad DDS

Dr. Matt Nejad

Dr. Matt Nejad is an expert in biomimetic and esthetic dentistry, practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. He is a Fellow and Scientific Advisor of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and a member of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products (SCDP). Dr. Nejad graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2010, where he also completed advanced training in esthetic and biomimetic dentistry. He started his private practice immediately after graduation and has been dedicated to full-time practice since.

His training institute, the Nejad Institute, provides advanced training in biomimetic and esthetic dentistry, attracting dentists from over 40 countries. Dr. Nejad is also a key opinion leader in the dental industry.

After graduating, Dr. Nejad started his own practice immediately so that he could provide Biomimetic and Esthetic dentistry exactly the way he envisioned. He also continued developing his training and expertise in Biomimetic Dentistry and started providing training courses with Dr. David Alleman. He was the youngest dentist to become a member of the USC faculty, teaching alongside his mentor Dr. Magne since 2010.

Today, Dr. Nejad is considered one of the top opinion leaders in the dental industry. He is committed to the research and scientific development of adhesive and biomimetic dentistry. He consults with top companies, helping develop innovative dental materials and new products. Dr. Nejad continues to lecture nationally and internationally, is a key opinion leader for multiple companies, and is a member of the ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products (SCDP).

His areas of research and interest are adhesion, polymerization stress, residual stress, biomechanics, occlusion, and esthetics.

University of California, Los Angeles
B.S. Neuroscience

University of Southern California, School of Dentistry
Doctorate of Dental Surgery

2010 – Present
Beverly Hills, CA

In order to practice and provide the type of dentistry he was passionate about, Dr. Nejad opened his first private practice in 2010, immediately upon graduation. Despite an extensive lecture and workshop schedule, his professional time is 90% committed to private practice and all his education is utilized daily in this setting. He is currently the managing partner at Helm | Nejad | Stanley in Beverly Hills, CA.


Practice Website:
Address: 9201 W. Sunset Blvd. Ste 914, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 310.278.0440
Email: [email protected]

Everything you memorize, you will forget! If you don’t understand, you’ll fail miserably. Dr. Nejad realizes that expertise requires deep understanding beyond merely memorizing techniques or protocols. His teaching style incorporates the theory and science behind every step and every protocol so that you are learning instead of memorizing. The courses and training are designed to explain how and WHY things are done, with the goal of providing graduates with a strong foundation for further self-study and advancement.

Dr. Nejad is invited to over 20 lectures per year for local study clubs, meetings, and symposiums. His areas of expertise and educational topics include:

  • Adhesive Dentistry
  • Biomimetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentistry
  • Occlusion

Current & Past Lecture Schedule: click here.
Lecture Invitations/Requests: click here.

The Nejad Institute
Esthetic & Biomimetic Dentistry Courses

In addition to lectures, Dr. Nejad has been providing courses and workshops for hands-on training in Biomimetic and Esthetic dentistry. The Nejad Institute has been providing training to dentists around the world since 2012.

2010- 2022
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry
Adjunct Instructor – Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Nejad has been actively involved in academic education since graduation. He was the youngest clinical faculty at age 26. He has provided both clinical and pre-clinical instruction for:

  • Dental Morphology Function & Esthetics
  • Occlusion
  • Biomimetic & Esthetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry
Education & Training

The Nejad Institute curriculum exclusively provides continuing education in biomimetic dentistry.  The training combines education of research-backed science with proven techniques and hands-on application. Every course is updated regularly to include new literature, materials, and techniques.

The Nejad Institute training is led by Dr. Matt Nejad- renowned biomimetic dentist and educator. Dr. Nejad has been providing continuing education in Biomimetic Dentistry since 2011 and training thousands of dentists every year both nationally and internationally.

The training prepares dentists to provide biomimetic dentistry confidently and improve their clinical results and success.

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Dr. Matt Nejad is providing Biomimetic dentistry training to a student.