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Biomimetic Dentistry Courses

Biomimetic Dentistry
Courses & Training

Biomimetic dentistry courses cover the science and concepts of restorative dentistry with the biomimetic approach. Traditional dental procedures rely on preparation designs that accommodate the restorative material or technique. This includes preparation features such as retention and resistance form, as well as tooth reduction to meet the strength requirements of the restorative material instead of prioritizing the preservation of intact tooth structure. As a result, the restored tooth has significant additional preparation and a significantly higher chance of complications such as pain, sensitivity, root canal treatment, recession, and fracture.

In contrast, the Biomimetic approach unites an understanding and appreciation of the biomechanics of natural teeth with principles and techniques which maximize adhesion. These concepts comprise the necessary components to mimic the natural tooth most faithfully. Restorative materials replicate the properties of the dental structures (enamel, dentin, dej) and healthy intact tooth structure is preserved through adhesion without additional preparation requirements. The biomimetically restored tooth mimics the strength, function, and esthetics of natural teeth. Biomimetic restorations include composite fillings, partial coverage restorations (ceramic or resin inlays and onlays), and when necessary, full-coverage ceramic restorations. However, the application technique and material selection makes a significant difference in the performance of these techniques and, therefore, it is important to have a sound understanding of the science.


Biomimetic Dentistry Courses

Teeth before and after

Level I: Foundation & Techniques Prerequisite: none $875

This comprehensive online course covers everything you need to get started with biomimetic restorative dentistry in your practice. The program includes the scientific foundation, fundamental techniques, product recommendations, and live online office hours.

Foundation & Techniques Course Details
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Level II: Advanced Mastership Prerequisite: Level I $3500

Level II includes mastership level training in biomimetic restorative dentistry. Training includes lectures, scientific literature review, advanced technique training, and live online Q&A/mentoring sessions for 6 months. All of Level I material is included for review.

Advanced Mastership Course Details
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Level I + Level II: Complete Mastership Package Prerequisite: none $3850

The Complete Mastership Package combines Level I & Level II. This full training includes comprehensive, mastership training in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry with a total of 7 months of access to the training, mentoring, and materials.

Complete Mastership Package Course Details
Dr. Nejad during In-office Mentoring

In-Office Mentoring Prerequisite: Level I & Level II $5000-10,000

Experience in-office shadowing and observation at Dr. Nejad's Beverly Hills, CA clinic. This exceptional opportunity allows participants to gain insights into practice dynamics while witnessing treatments and procedures firsthand. Customize your visit by selecting a duration between 1-3 days and specifying the procedures you are most interested in observing. Benefit from daily morning and evening sessions that provide treatment reviews and personalized mentorship for attendees.

In-Office Mentoring Course Details

Here’s What You’ll Learn

The Biomimetic Approach

Learn how to preserve intact tooth structure while restoring teeth to full function and restoring strength.

Supra-Gingival Restorations

Learn how to avoid crowns with conservative supra-gingival restorations.

Preserve Pulp Vitality

Restorative techniques and caries removal protocol which reduces the root canals by over 90%.

Eliminate Post-Op Pain & Sensitivity

Adhesive dentistry can be frustrating, but with the concepts we teach, you will never have to deal with sensitivity and pain again.

Increase bond strengths 400%

Learn the materials and techniques which will make bonds stronger than you could ever imagine.

Eliminate Catastrophic Failures

Traditional crowns and posts fail badly and are often unrestorable. Sleep well knowing biomimetic restorations prevent catastrophic failures.


Biomimetic Dentistry | Course Details & Pricing | Bundle and Save!

Level I Foundation & Techniques

Prerequisite: None

  • Foundation & Techniques Training
  • 14 CE Credits
  • 30-days of Online Access
  • Online Interaction & Message Board
  • Live Online Office Hours
    (One Saturday | AM & PM option)
  • Posterior Direct & Indirect (Inlay/Onlay) Restorations
  • Technique demonstrations
  • Material Recommendations
  • Level I Manuals
  • Preparation for Accreditation certification with the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry
$875 Course Details

Level II Advanced Mastership

Prerequisite: Level I

  • Advanced Mastership Training
  • 24 CE Credits
  • 6-months of Online Access
  • Online Interaction & Message Board
  • Monthly Live Online Office Hours
    (Six Saturdays | AM & PM option)
  • Additional Restorative Techniques
  • Advanced Literature Review
  • Advanced Lectures, Lessons, and Concepts
  • Level II Manual
  • Includes Access to Level I for Review
  • Detailed Case Studies
  • Preparation for Fellowship certification with the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry
$3500 Course Details