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In-Office Mentoring West Hollywood, CA

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Biomimetic Dentistry Courses

In-Office Mentoring

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Training Overview

Dr. Matt Nejad’s training courses are focused on the science of adhesion, following the biomimetic approach to replicate and mimic natural teeth while conserving healthy, intact tooth structure and avoiding complications from traditional restorative techniques. The training courses cover Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry and Biomimetic Esthetic Dentistry. Ongoing mentoring includes options for advanced training in your practice, over-the-shoulder mentoring at Dr. Nejad’s practice, and the annual symposium. Click here to learn more about the Biomimetic approach or Dr. Matt Nejad.

In-office Mentoring

By popular demand, I am offering in-office mentoring at my office in Beverly Hills, CA. This is ideal for those interested in observing treatment/procedures in-action. All treatment will occur in my private, state-of the art facility structured to facilitate education and viewing. This immersive training is intended for those already familiar with Biomimetic techniques and those who have completed previous training, though anyone interested can attend. Previous participants have especially enjoyed viewing the treatment dynamic, procedure workflow, operatory layout, and patient communication during their visits.

The Experience

1 – 3 days
Level I & Level II

Each in-office mentoring experience is tailored to the participant’s preferences, depending on the scheduled case(s) and duration. When booking, be sure to provide details of your desired training.

Typical In-Office Mentoring Schedule:

Before starting any treatment, Dr. Nejad will review the day’s scheduled cases, pre-op radiographs and photographs, diagnostic models, treatment plans, and techniques.
During the day, you will observe Dr. Nejad performing treatments on actual patients, which may include Biomimetic Esthetic Dentistry (veneers, reconstructions) or Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry (direct and indirect restorations), depending on your preferences. Observe the procedures directly in the operatory while Dr. Nejad will narrate and answer questions as time permits. Participants will gain insights into treatment dynamics, procedure workflow, operatory layout, and patient communication.
Following the day’s treatments, Dr. Nejad will join you for dinner at a premium restaurant (included in the fee). During this time, you will discuss techniques, procedures, equipment, materials, and any other questions or advice you may have. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss your practice specifics and establish goals for integrating Biomimetic Dentistry into your practice.

Additional Inclusions:

  • Recommended materials and Equipment List
  • 2 hours of follow-up mentoring and guidance from Dr. Nejad upon returning to your office

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