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Esthetic Dentistry Courses

Esthetic Dentistry
Courses & Training

The esthetic dentistry courses provided by Dr. Matt Nejad are designed to train dentists in the most advanced esthetic dentistry techniques and protocols. All the training is centered around the biomimetic approach to mimic the esthetics, structure, and function of natural teeth and provide restorations that are designed to perform similarly to intact permanent teeth. This approach is scientifically supported and can be achieved when you combine a thorough understanding of natural tooth structure & function, ideal dental material properties, and protocols and techniques optimized to achieve extremely strong and durable adhesion to tooth structure.

Traditional esthetic dentistry procedures lead to frequent complications arising from excessive tooth preparation and weak adhesion to tooth structure (especially dentin). Excessive tooth preparation and “stiffer” dental materials such as zirconia are used to improve clinical success, and full-coverage restorations are favored when tooth preparations are primarily in dentin. Unfortunately, this approach weakens the restored tooth and leads to compromised function and longevity of teeth that have had cosmetic procedures (veneers or crowns). As a result, these teeth experience more complications than natural teeth including root canals, fractures, sensitivity, pain, and loss of retention. Additionally, the esthetics and morphology of natural teeth are often poorly replicated and the result is unflattering and artificial.

In contrast, Biomimetic Esthetic dentistry is able to improve both the esthetics and strength/function of restored teeth. This is accomplished through a combination of minimal preparation, extremely strong adhesion, optimal materials, and proven protocols and techniques. The biomimetically restored tooth mimics the strength, function, and esthetics of natural teeth. Teeth restored with the biomimetic approach are often STRONGER than aged/worn teeth and expected to function and last like intact permanent teeth. Additionally, the esthetics and morphology of natural teeth are faithfully replicated for a natural and beautiful result.


Esthetic Dentistry Courses

Esthetic Dentistry Courses

Anterior Ceramic Restorations with a Biomimetic Approach: Veneers Masterclass Prerequisite: none $~3000 - 21 CE

This comprehensive online course on esthetic dentistry course is a continuation of the Level I and Level II course designed to provide additional training for anterior treatment with the biomimetic approach.
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Includes office hours and mentoring sessions + course message board.
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Training Overview

Planning | Smile Design

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our Esthetic dentistry courses cover the latest technologies and esthetic principles for the planning and smile design process. This process is an absolute prerequisite for predictable esthetic results. Detailed planning makes the treatment process smoother and allows for tooth preparation to be minimized. Additionally, patient confidence is improved with mock-up techniques to communicate and preview the final outcome.

Smile Design Process for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental procedure

Maximum | Tooth Preservation

All our training is based on Biomimetic dentistry which favors materials and techniques that mimic and preserve natural tooth structure. Through advanced adhesion, with scientifically supported protocols and techniques, Biomimetic Dentistry provides many advantages including: increased restoration longevity and success, preserving pulp-vitality, and saving teeth from extractions and implants.

Mimic | Natural Esthetics

The esthetics and morphology of natural teeth are rarely appreciated or faithfully reproduced with cosmetic dental procedures. Our training emphasizes the importance of creating restorations with natural translucency, surface shine, and morphology. Training includes materials and techniques to achieve maximum esthetics and in various clinical scenarios.

Dr. Nejad performing a Biomimetic Dental procedure with rubber dam

Dental procedure

Replicate | Tooth Function

Teeth restored with traditional cosmetic procedures are weaker and experience more frequent complications than natural teeth. In the biomimetic approach, restored teeth replicate the function of intact permanent teeth. Our training explains the structure and function of natural teeth with an emphasis on understanding the biomechanics of intact teeth. You will learn how to restore teeth with restorations that mimic these properties, and how biomimetic esthetic procedures such as veneers are able to restore and strengthen teeth that are worn and/or damaged.