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The techniques and scientific foundation to take your dentistry to the next level!

Dental Continuing Education | Training | Mentoring

Dental Continuing Education
Restorative & Esthetic Biomimetic Dentistry

The Nejad Institute provides comprehensive Dental CE courses, training, and mentoring in biomimetic & esthetic dentistry.  The training combines education of research-backed science with proven techniques and hands-on application. Every course is updated regularly to include new literature, materials, and techniques.

Dr. Nejad during the course

Courses & Training

Real Science | Real Dentistry | Real Practice.

Biomimetic dentistry is built on proven science, engineering, and clinical success. Dr. Nejad has been practicing real dentistry, in private practice, EXACTLY the same way we provide our education and training.

Courses include:

  • Scientific Evidence
  • Hands-on Application
  • Lecture & Expllanation
  • Protocols & Techniques
  • Recommended Materials
  • Clinical Cases

About the

Nejad Institute

History | Nejad Institute

Dr. Nejad has been involved in education and academics since 2010.  He has been providing dental continuing education and training courses in Biomimetic Dentistry since 2010.  The curriculum includes training programs in restorative and esthetic dentistry with the biomimetic approach.


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Dental procedure

Biomimetic | Approach

Traditional restorative materials and techniques have been gradually replaced in favor of materials and techniques that mimic and preserve the natural tooth. Advanced adhesion has replaced the necessity for mechanical retention, and provided the means to mimic the structure, function, esthetics and biomechanics of intact natural teeth. Advantages of biomimetic dentistry include: increased restoration longevity and success, preserving pulp-vitality, and saving teeth which are considered un-restorable with traditional approaches.

Excellence | is our Passion

Are you ready to take your dentistry to the next level? Biomimetic dentistry will transform the way you practice!  If you are passionate about providing the best treatments,  our education is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Nejad performing a Biomimetic Dental procedure with rubber dam