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In this Biomimetic Dentistry white paper, we summarize the evolution of the restorative approach, describe how dentists all around the world are implementing the biomimetic approach, and how it has impacted restorative techniques, longevity, and success.

The White Paper Includes:

  • Published scientific evidence
  • Advantages and benefits
  • Protocols & Techniques
  • Clinical Case Presentations

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Nejad Institute Circle LogoThe Best Courses on Biomimetic Dentistry

Learn More about the biomimetic dentistry courses

  • Understand and eliminate the common causes of post-operative pain & sensitivity through your adhesive technique.
  • Learn how to preserve maximum tooth structure with bonded supra-gingival restorations rather than crowns.
  • Understand the properties, function, and biomechanics of natural posterior teeth.
  • Understand polymerization stress and residual stress of adhesively restored teeth.
  • Eliminate traditional preparation design and the necessity for retentive design.
  • Learn non-surgical alternatives to access and restore isolated deep margins.
  • Learn how to preserve pulp vitality & reduce root canals by over 90%.
  • Learn how to increase bond strengths significantly (up to 400%).
  • Understand optimal material properties for biomimetic dentistry.
  • Learn how to prevent stained and leaky restorative margins.

Biomimetic Dentistry
Education & Training

The Nejad Institute curriculum exclusively provides continuing education in biomimetic dentistry.  The training combines education of research-backed science with proven techniques and hands-on application. Every course is updated regularly to include new literature, materials, and techniques.

The Nejad Institute training is led by Dr. Matt Nejad- renowned biomimetic dentist and educator. Dr. Nejad has been providing continuing education in Biomimetic Dentistry since 2011 and training thousands of dentists every year both nationally and internationally.

The training prepares dentists to provide biomimetic dentistry confidently and improve their clinical results and success.

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Dr. Matt Nejad is providing Biomimetic dentistry training to a student.