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Recommended Products for Biomimetic Dentistry West Hollywood, CA

Recommended Products for Biomimetic Dentistry

These are some of the products we use daily and couldn’t practice without. We have done a lot of research and evaluation to select the following products. We update this list as better products become available, so please check back often for new and improved product recommendations.
Most products are used during our hands on training program for you to evaluate in your own hands.

The Profin by Dentatus

The Profin by Dentatus is the perfect tool to reach difficult to access areas for both preparations and cementation cleanup. The Starter Kit is comprised of a Profin contra/angle and accompanying Lamineer® diamond tips, which move in a reciprocating, axial direction (1.2 mm stroke). The Lamineer tips can be set to rotate freely and follow tooth contours naturally, or they can be locked radially for direct and specific modifications. The tips are very thin, only .25mm, which allow optimal access and are available in a wide selection of grit sizes ranging from very fine to very coarse. The diamond coating is only on one side for safety and optimal control; this will not cause ditching or harm to adjacent surfaces.


Kuraray entered the field of dental materials in 1973. The mission of Kuraray is to respond precisely and thoroughly to the needs of the dental profession with reliable products of superior quality. In 1978, Kuraray released the world’s first dentin bonding agent, CLEARFIL Bond System F, which marked the birth of adhesive dentistry. At the same time the total-etch technique on dentin and enamel was invented by Kuraray. Forty years later, Kuraray continues to bring forth innovative quality products to meet the demands of a continuously changing profession.

Bien Air Elecrtic Handpiece (Optima MX2)

High quality Swiss engineering and unrivaled quality makes Bien Air our favorite electric handpiece for biomimetic dentistry. Electric handpieces are a requirement for high quality dentistry for precision and control of prep design, and conservative caries removal. The Optima MX2 offers maximum control of settings with the widest range of speed and torque options offered. Water and exhaust air can be controlled directly from the touchpad.

Garrison Composi-Tight 3D Matrix & Margin Elevation Reel Matrix

The 3D matrix bands ensure predicitable biomimetic class II restorations. One of the few products whose simplicity and predictability will leave you wondering why you didn’t switch sooner. The new XDR ring is perfect for any situation where the the standard composi-tight 3D ring “springs-off.”

The Margin elevation is the ideal band to use to elevate deep margins for indirect restorations. This technique can be very difficult without the right products and this system is the answer to predictable success with margin elevations.

Hu-Friedy CompoSculp Instruments

These easy to use, color coded instruments have a full range of shapes for any situation. The red instrument doubles as a luting instrument during cementation. The blue instrument is an excellent cord packing instrument for a tight sulcus (i.e lateral incisor). Communication with dental assistants is simplified with color coding. A definite must-have product to produce detailed anatomy on posterior restorations.

SDI Radii Plus Curing Light

This curing light is the full package: Cordless, no noisy fan, built in radiometer, lightweight – 177g/6.2oz, rotatable head & slimline design. The high intensity – 1,500mW/cm2 Radii Plus does not need to be constantly recharged. Its can be used for 1200 ten second cures with just one charge. A dependable, long lasting curing light you can count on.

Addent Calset Composite Warmer & CoMax composite Dispenser

The Calset Composite warmer is an essential piece of equipment for all Biomimetic dentistry. This unit shortens curing time by over 80%, improves composite flow by 68% (critical for cementation/luting), & improves physical properties for the user. For cementation/luting- use the highest setting- 155°F (68°C).

The CoMax is simply the nicest composite gun we have used to date. The high mechanical advantage mechanism means even the most highly filled composite will dispense easily with one hand and no strain. Your hand will thank you! All composite compules accepted.

CRYSTALAIR Air Abrasion Device

Now you can enjoy more precise dentistry with more options than ever before. The air abrasion system combines a finely controlled high pressure air stream with a highly adjustable 27 micron aluminum oxide powder flow. This system was designed with the demanding clinician in mind. When deciding on purchasing an air abrasion system, you must look for the system that allows you the most control. This capacity for control begins with a unique Ultralow ™ mode of operation.

The CrystalAir ™ unique Ultralow™ feature allows you to treat deeper into dentin without the use of anesthesia. This unique operating mode centers around the removal of dentin at very low pressures…..down as low as 20 PSI. Very low air pressures generate no patient sensitivity. The equipment removes tooth structure at these very low air pressures.

Independent adjustment of air pressure and powder flow allows for more visibility, control and patient comfort with less powder usage. This flexibility and control allows the dentist to treat the entire range of cavity design categories, it allows the dentist to remove composite and sealants selectively and to do a myriad of peripherally associated functions. These range from porcelain repair, casting and crown clean up, cement and stain removal to the extremely important caries diagnostic procedure.

All in all, the CrystalAir ™ air abrasion cavity preparation device is THE cutting-edge and latest word in total and complete control, reliability and user friendliness.