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 West Hollywood, CA

Annual Symposium

Training Overview

Dr. Matt Nejad’s training courses are focused on the science of adhesion, following the biomimetic approach to replicate and mimic natural teeth while conserving healthy, intact tooth structure and avoiding complications from traditional restorative techniques. The training courses cover Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry and Biomimetic Esthetic Dentistry. Ongoing mentoring includes options for advanced training in your practice, over-the-shoulder mentoring at Dr. Nejad’s practice, and the annual symposium. Click here to learn more about the Biomimetic approach or Dr. Matt Nejad.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Mimic Nature

Restore teeth with restorations that mimic and preserve the structural integrity of natural teeth.

Conserve Tooth Structure

Replace mechanical retention & crowns with adhesive, partial coverage restorations.

Preserve Pulp Vitality

Use restorative techniques and caries removal protocols to reduce root canals by over 90%.

Eliminate Post-Op Complications

Create highly sealed restorations which avoid sensitivity, leakage, and post-op pain.

Increase Bond Strength 400%

Advanced adhesion innovates treatment possibilities and improves outcomes.

Prevent Teeth Loss

Restore the structural integrity of teeth, preventing catastrophic failures and loss of teeth.

Courses & Training

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Includes office hours and mentoring sessions + course message board.
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